• Donate a native tree for just $10 at  the Jhampa Ling property at the Centre for Contemplative Research - Aotearoa.

    Help support reforestation and fight climate change by donating toward the planting of native trees, restoring our natural environment and drawing down carbon from our atmosphere. Located in the beautiful Matiri Valley on the South Island of New Zealand, every $10 tree donated by you and planted by us will help reduce erosion, draw down carbon from the atmosphere and provide rich native habitat for many creatures, thus restoring the land. Be a part of our ongoing planting projects by purchasing a tree or two to be planted on our beautiful 580 acre Jhampa Ling property at the Centre for Contemplative Research - Aotearoa. Your generosity will go a long way toward helping us achieve a net zero carbon footprint and provide a beautiful location for our expert meditators who will work with leading scientists to fathom the mind and help heal the world.

    If you would like to volunteer to help us plant your trees in 2023 please email us here - unfortunately no accommodation available.

    Thank you!  
  • Lama Tsongkhapa and the Great Perfection: Views of Emptiness, Dependent Origination, and the Indwelling Mind of Clear Light. Lama Alan Wallace and Eva Natanya will explore the profound unity and distinct qualities of the paths of the Great Perfection as explained within the Nyingma school and in Highest Yoga Tantra as explained by Lama Tsongkhapa.
  • During this retreat, Dr Wallace will provide guidance on how to develop shamatha (“serene presence of mind”) to cultivate an inner sense of ease, stillness, and clarity of attention. These qualities are the indispensable foundation for all meditative practices and are a direct route to genuine well-being.


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