Retreat cabins at CCRA

The ideal environment for long-term meditation: off-grid, sustainable cabins that become the meditators’ “friend” set in beauty and quiet.

Cabin location overview

We are planning for 16 cabins, each with off-grid power, water and sanitation. Each retreatant will be far enough from fellow retreatants to ensure deep meditative practice and solitude. We are also planning a community building, a land manager’s building and volunteer accommodation.

360 degree stunning views

Every cabin is placed away from other retreatants’ cabins to ensure expansive uninterrupted views of the beautiful and inspiring Matiri Valley, its surrounding old growth forests and its 4 rivers.


Solar panels, passive-house design principles, sustainable materials, off-grid water and sanitation are the hallmarks of our eco-designed cabins and their low-impact supporting infrastructure. We are aiming for a net-zero carbon impact for the entire CCRA project.

How can you help?

By offering your skills or donating money or time you can become part of the growing CCRA community and help us achieve our goal to Fathom the mind. Heal the world.


The task ahead is to raise funds to prepare sites and build the cabins and facilities that will transform the land of Jhampa Ling into an ideal centre for long-term contemplative practice and scientific research.