Land Reforestation

Reforestation, Riparian Planting and Erosion Remediation

Land Reforestation

Here we are preparing an area of about 4ha (10 acres) for reforestation and riparian planting.

Waterways Protection & Riparian Planting

Replacing about 20 tiny culverts by bigger ones that can cope with the high water flow when greater rainfall and thus avoiding flooding and spoiling of roads.

Erosion Control

Hydroseeding to prevent erosion on the hillside.

Regenerative Agriculture

Restoring the land and waterways with the planting of regenerative crops.


Building the new entrance road to Jhampa Ling – one of the new path ways to allow viable access to the site.

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The task ahead is to raise funds to prepare sites and build the cabins and facilities that will transform the land of Jhampa Ling into an ideal centre for long-term contemplative practice and scientific research.