Why support CCR Aotearoa?

CCR Aotearoa (Aotearoa being the Māori name for New Zealand) is our first and only CCR property in the Asia Pacific region. It represents our efforts to be a world leading CCR centre in this region of the world, to help bring cutting edge science and the great contemplative traditions of the world together to help fathom the mind and heal the world. When you donate to the Centre for Contemplative Research Aotearoa you provide essential support for the regeneration and reforestation of the land which has been named Jhampa Ling; you support the construction of our eco-friendly retreat cabins for our trained contemplatives and our community buildings; as well as the growth of our scientific studies. Even a small gift makes a big difference.

Donations to CCR Aotearoa enable us to:

Regenerate and reforest the land

by protecting our existing Jhampa Ling old growth forests; by mass planting and growing of new native trees and plants and by protecting the water courses, we will, with professional guidance, grow the natural habitat of birds, animals, insects and help in the long-term sustainability of the local and therefore global environment. (Carbon sequestration or carbon farming – bringing carbon out of the atmosphere and storing it in the soil via trees and plants – is a core aspect of our sustainability program).

Build new eco-friendly retreat cabins & community buildings

at Jhampa Ling to enable more highly-trained contemplatives to enter long-term retreat and be given support and guidance. Our cabins and community buildings are being designed with ecological sustainability at their heart. With as low a carbon footprint as we can achieve, we are being guided by the principles of passive house design. Such principles guide us in the sustainable construction methods and materials we chose with maximum longevity in mind. Energy efficiency will be achieved with our high “R-value” (thermal resistance rating) building design, with solar energy and capture of the land’s natural water resources which can be developed into hydro electricity.

Maintain the operations

of CCR Asia Pacific to assist us all in helping to Fathom the Mind and Heal the World.

Your generous donations will impact each facet of our work.

We greatly appreciate your continuing support as a member of the global CCR community. Together, we will cultivate our expansive vision step-by-step, by tending to one another, tending to our minds, and tending to our world.

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“The Center for Contemplative Research is anchored on a firm epistemic approach, inspired and guided by centuries of deep meditative experience.”

— Marcelo Gleiser, Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Appleton Professorship of Natural
Director, Institute for Cross-Disciplinary Engagement, Dartmouth College (Photo credit Eli Burakian)


“Let this donation be helpful to find the true nature of who we are for all human beings…”

— 2022 Donor

Donations are eligible for tax-credit for New Zealand Residents

The Centre for Contemplative Research Aotearoa is a registered charity in New Zealand. Your contribution to CCRA is eligible for a 33% New Zealand Charitable Tax Credit on donations over NZ$5 as provided by New Zealand law. Our Tax IRD number is 131-231-741.

Contact Paul Kelly if you have any questions about how your donation will benefit CCR.