• Donate a native tree for just $10 at  the Jhampa Ling property at the Centre for Contemplative Research - Aotearoa.

    Help support reforestation and fight climate change by donating toward the planting of native trees, restoring our natural environment and drawing down carbon from our atmosphere. Located in the beautiful Matiri Valley on the South Island of New Zealand, every $10 tree donated by you and planted by us will help reduce erosion, draw down carbon from the atmosphere and provide rich native habitat for many creatures, thus restoring the land. Be a part of our ongoing planting projects by purchasing a tree or two to be planted on our beautiful 580 acre Jhampa Ling property at the Centre for Contemplative Research - Aotearoa. Your generosity will go a long way toward helping us achieve a net zero carbon footprint and provide a beautiful location for our expert meditators who will work with leading scientists to fathom the mind and help heal the world.

    If you would like to volunteer to help us plant your trees in late September 2022 please email us here - unfortunately no accommodation available.

    Thank you!  
  • Open House

    Join Dr Wallace and Dr Natanya as they share the purpose and mission of the Centre for Contemplative Research (CCR). Learn about how each research observatory provides the ideal environment for highly-trained contemplatives to work collaboratively with scientists to investigate the nature and potentials of both consciousness and genuine well-being —all in order to develop world-changing applications across disciplines and sectors.

    Light meal served after discussion.

    Where: Murchison Sport, Recreation & Cultural Centre              34 Hampden Street, Murchison 7007, New Zealand

    When: Wednesday 23rd November 2022 Time:  6:30pm to 8:00pm  Fee: Free For more information: info@centreforcontemplativeresearch.nz.

  • Views of Emptiness, Dependent Origination, and the Indwelling Mind of Clear Light.

    Lama Alan Wallace and Eva Natanya will explore the profound unity and distinct qualities of the paths of the Great Perfection as explained within the Nyingma school and in Highest Yoga Tantra as explained by Lama Tsongkhapa. Through listening and guided meditations, participants will come to understand the deeper compatibility between Geluk and Nyingma approaches to the Middle Way view, despite apparent differences, and discover how to make the ground of reality manifest within their own experience.

    Venue: Fairfield House, 48 Van Diemen Street, Nelson, New Zealand.

    Cost per person NZ$100 Sponsored by The Centre for Contemplative Research Aotearoa
  • Dr Wallace is widely regarded as one of the West’s preeminent meditation teachers and retreat guides. He is also a prominent voice in the emerging discussion between contemporary Buddhist thinkers and scientists who question the materialist presumptions of their 20th-century paradigms. Dr Wallace has been a frequent translator and contributor to meetings between the Dalai Lama and prominent scientists, and he has written and translated more than 40 books. During this retreat, Dr Wallace will provide guidance on how to develop shamatha (“serene presence of mind”) to cultivate an inner sense of ease, stillness, and clarity of attention. These qualities are the indispensable foundation for all meditative practices and are a direct route to genuine well-being. The cultivation of such attentional balance and clarity has been found to enhance performance and creativity, reduce stress, support mental health, and lead to personal transformation in everyday life. Such attention skills are also central to the development of a focused mind and an open heart. Sponsored by The Centre for Contemplative Research Aotearoa Venue: Knox College, 3 Arden St, North East Valley, Dunedin, New Zealand. Cost per person NZ$100 Accommodations for two nights in private rooms plus three meals a day, is available for the weekend at Knox College for NZ$300 per person.


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